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RumbleFish Press was founded in January 2017 by two writers tired of the publishing slog. Writers with great contempt for cover letters, an indifference to MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. The philosophy was simple: publish good writing. Leave the masturbatory drivel to the martyrs. The people who think they can make a difference by writing badly.

Last quarter, our first, we received over 100 submissions. We'd like to build on that, and with every entry the path clears for more anthologies, more contests, more spotlights on talented, deserving, and most shamefully obscure writers.

We have no parameters and no suggestions for what to submit. There are no word limits. We like words for books and words for movies. Words for plays even. So long as they're good.

We also like giving props to just generally good material. So if you have a demo reel you want noticed or a short film that's done riding the festival wave, send it here. If it's good we'll feature it for a day.

Submissions for our Winter 2017 Anthology close December 15th, 2017. Later submissions will be considered for our Spring 2018 edition.

Submissions for our Winter 2017 Contest close December 25th, 2017. An announcement will be made January 2nd, 2018.

Daily submissions are year-round.

Free submissions can be emailed with "FREE" in the subject line. What's free? Screenplays and plays under 16 pages, Flash Fiction under 1,000 words, and poems under 1,000 Words!



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Cover art by Rachel Gardner